Whats Been Going On With My Journey……..

Benjamin Poulter
3 min readSep 17, 2020


So from when i started my journey as an affiliate marketer i feel i am still yet to find my place.

In respect to how i'm going to build my business.

I have been working on quite a few methods on growing my brand Driver Funnel.

I feel i needed a website so creating articles and researching different content to put on there. I am getting a fair bit of traffic from that on google.

A Blog, Podcast, Twitter, Linkedin, Webtalk……..

And now you tube, which i actually quite enjoy.

The thing is that each platform gets traffic, but I know i need to concentrate on one specific platform to be able to make it stronger.

So I am going to explain to you what I learnt lately and why I made the video on you tube Organic Facebook Traffic Tips for Groups — How to Collect Targeted Customers as Friends on Facebook.

I have been going through the training that i have within the internet profits program I am in.

The training tells you to add 30 friends a day to your friend list — Seems a lot right!

It is, without adding every tom, dick and harry you struggle to actually ad 5 people.

So I thought about it a little, Why did I want to start an online business?

What position was I in that made me look for another option to earn a living?

I was an electrician (tradesman) who was self employed working all the hours Icould to be able to provide for my family.

So I started to join different groups to find other people who are like me now and could benefit from what i have to offer.

Tradesmen ⏩

Self Employed⏩

Small business ⏩

Hate my Job⏩

There were quite a few different groups i was able to join.

When I looked through there were people asking questions on registering for tax as self employed — which I had done before

Someone asking how to deal with a bad boss, which i also had experience with 😁.

I interacted and helped people solve their problems. Then those people started to ad me as friends.

This is where I decided to change my profile from me on a motobike with a dog in the background to this —

Straight away it got a lot more attention. I would be able to start a conversation and relate to that person and their problems.

Some of those people eventually asked me if they could find out more, its a natural thing for the human minds to be interested in something that can better that persons life.

I was never a person who liked to read books, so theadvantagee which i had there was to be able to send them to an offer of an audio book they can listen to on the go https://driverfunnel.com/ibe.

This is exactly how i got started with the internet profits program, so i thought it would be a good fit.

Well I was right and I continue to help others get out the 9 to 5 job and have a life they live.

I actually got 27 views on this video on youtube too so I do think its something I should get my nails into.

The journey continues………. I actually having fun along the way even writing this 😀



Benjamin Poulter

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