Your broke! You have nothing! What should you do?

No money and your flat out broke with nothing??

What do you do when your broke?

  • You cant lend them out to your friends who never pay you back
  • They cant be lost and you spend hours trying to get them back.

The People You Meet Online

As I have been working online for around 4 years now, I have made so many new friends who are a lot richer than my old friends.

  • Creating a course
  • Running a promotion for a particular product

There is another advantage to doing something like this……

Lets say you see this and give it a go. Flip a few items

  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Cameras
  • How to advertise

That day will come in the future.

So many people in the world have bad money management where they buy something that they know will be worth a lot less over time.



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Benjamin Poulter

Benjamin Poulter


Hey, and I want to give you a big warm welcome to Toolbox Talks For Electricians My name is Ben Poulter I have worked in the electrical trade for many years.