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3 min readDec 2, 2022


One of the best ways to learn how to improve your tennis game is by watching instructional tennis videos on YouTube, so I have published the below list of the top 5 best tennis YouTube Channels and YouTubers that I recommend you give a try.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Top 5 Best Tennis YouTube Channels and YouTubers

1. Essential Tennis

Number of videos a week: 3–10 videos a week

Essential Tennis (or “ET”) is headed by Ian Westermann who is a tennis pro based in Milwaukee in the United States.

Essential Tennis is by far my favorite YouTube Tennis Channel as the quality of their videos is top-notch and they are a lot of fun to watch.

The ET channel started out publishing mostly instructional tennis videos but more recently it has started to focus more on videos showcasing 4.0–5.0 level singles and doubles matches where members of the extended ET family will play against each other.

The videos are great fun to watch as well as relatable to the average recreational tennis player.

I would also highly recommend Ian’s instructional and strategy videos as Ian is very good at breaking them down into actionable steps.

Visit the Essential Tennis Youtube Channel

2. Intuitive Tennis

Number of videos a week: 2 videos a week

The Intuitive Tennis Youtube Channel is run by Nikola Aracic who is a Tennis Pro based in Palm Beach, Florida, and is my top recommendation for anyone looking for good instructional tennis videos.

The channel has a nice mix of videos with some being for beginners while others are for tennis players looking to get to the 5.0 level.

I also like Nikola’s videos on why you shouldn’t try and imitate the Roger Federer forehand or serve at the recreational level as this is a mistake many recreational players make.

Visit the Intuitive Tennis YouTube Channel

3. Tennis TV

Number of videos a week: 5–20 videos a week

Tennis TV is the Official ATP Tour streaming service so if you are looking for the best quality Tennis highlights, then the Tennis TV YouTube channel is your best option.

Tennis TV is great if you are looking for highlights from ATP 250–1000 events that are run throughout the year and will publish highlights on a daily basis when these tournaments are on.

Visit the Tennis TV YouTube Channel

4. Tennis Warehouse YouTube Channel

Number of videos a week: 5–10 videos a week

Tennis Warehouse is probably the largest online tennis retailer in the world and its YouTube channel focuses on doing reviews of the latest tennis rackets, strings, bags, shoes, and other tennis equipment.

They also occasionally publish instructional tennis videos where they give tips on how to improve your tennis game.

Visit The Tennis Warehouse YouTube Channel

5. 2 Minute Tennis

Number of videos a week: 5–10 videos a week

The 2 Minute Tennis YouTube Channel is run by Ryan Reidy who is a USPTA Elite Professional.

Ryan has been publishing stroke analysis and instructional tennis videos for the past 2 years on his channel that now has over 140k subscribers.

He also teaches a training technique called the Birthday Hat Serve that is designed to help beginners avoid going into the waiter’s tray position on their serves.

Visit the 2 Minute Tennis Youtube Channel

Other Tennis YouTube Channels I subscribe to

Tennis Nerd — Run by Jonas Eriksson. Great channel for honest racket reviews.

Total Tennis Domination — Run by Kevin and Megan Garlington. Instructional Videos and Tennis Fitness Tips.

Feel Tennis Instruction — Run by Tomaz Mencinger. Mainly Instructional Videos.

Fuzzy Yellow Balls — Run by Will Hamilton. This YouTube has been around for over 13 years and is one of the first Tennis-related YouTube channels I ever subscribed to.

Jamie Murray — YouTube Channel of ATP Doubles Pro Jamie Murray (Brother of Andy Murray).

Jorge Capestany Tennis — Great channel for advice on tennis strategy and the mental side of the game.

Tennis Channel — Official YouTube channel for the Tennis Channel.

Venus Williams YouTube Channel — Official YouTube channel of the seven-time grand slam singles winner Venus Williams.