It is an EP to help me process all my issues I can’t in any other way. A lot is about those patterns you start seeing in your life where you make the same mistakes over and over but you have no idea how to break the cycle.

The music is inspired by what I listened to over the last decade.

1. Intentions

About: Living with the consequences after unintentionally fucking up, and creating irreversible damage.

Inspired by a relationship ending after failing to realise her emotional needs. Not because I didn’t want to see it, but just cause I never learned how to.

It is very hard to get to a place of acceptance as you are being thorn by your intentions and how were your actions perceived by the other side. It is un fair but the only thing you can do is learn and move on. Before you get there you have a not so fun journey through the 5 stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Music: Straight up gangsta rap. In stead of anger with society it is about being angry with yourself. But is the same feeling of being powerless.

Inspiration: Bobby Shmurda, Tay-K -the race

2. Lost in space

About : Getting lost in 'I need some space'

Taking step after step back, to create space for another till there is no way back. Sometimes it feels that only thing you could do, to do good, is disappear.

It is the classic tale where you meet someone and you really hit it off. The first weeks/months are just bliss, until you notice you start to get out of balance as you seems to be more involved. So you slowly start to give more space to hopefully find a balance again. When this doesn’t work, you give the initiative to the other party. It is your last resort as you know that you won’t hear from her again, but you still have to try.

Video : Two astronauts in space who meet and have a brief intense encounter. He first unsuccessfully tries finds a balance to stay in touch. After which he hands over his own life line to the other person. He pushes back and starts floating through space, hopefull that the other person will help to make it back. But at the same time already resigned that it most likely won’t happen but it is now out of his control.

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Music : Indie electronic, white noice, some distorted ‘houston we have a problem’ vocals.

Inspiration: Postal Service – Such great heights, Owl city — Fireflies

3. Just water

About: It is the ultimate anti-‘party’ anthem. Every artist has an song about getting wasted, this one is an anthem for the sober life.

Music: ultimate club/party track


Verses : about what happens after you get all wasted, the bad stuff nobody ever talks about in their songs.

Chorus : the reaction of people when you tell them you just drink water. Them listing up every possible drink/drugs. Final answer is always just water.

Break :but what about weed bro? No just water.

Inspiration: The lonely island- YOLO, lil dicky – save that money, lil pump- gucci gang, LMFAO – shots, any hip hop party song.

4. (a)lone(y)

About: It is the introvert anthem.

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. About prefering staying in, over partying. She might be cute and want some netflix&chill, but you rather watch some netflix by yourself.

The last verse is a switch up. It is not that the world champion of being alone can’t be lonely. Sometimes you wonder if it would be better to be alone with someone else.

Music: Simple piano with increasing complex vocal harmonies.

Structure: Fragile. Building up in complexity. Mimicking the fact of you being by yourself, learning how to play/sing and gradually get better at it while the song progresses.

Last verse there is also a female vocalist joining in.

Inspiration: Something corporate — Punkrock princess, Kayne West -Through the Wire

5. Mr. Impossible

: Always taking on the most impossible projects first.
— Yes this is exciting
— But this also sets you up for failure and you don’t get used to failing it always hurts.
— It is a curse not a blessing. It is being naive, not realising something is impossible, running into a wall over and over and sometimes getting lucky.
— It is about learning to deal with all the high and lows.
Music: upbeat

Part where I mention the fact that I have ghost writers, so that actually they could make me say anything, followed by me saying something outrageous. To end with ‘euh wait a minute?’ Bam back into the chorus.

Inception in the last verse, see can’t do music but still managed to make an EP this. Mic drop THE END.

Inspiration: Ni**as in paris – kanye & jay

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