Toon, are you happy now?

I got this question a lot of the during the most of my sabbatical, my honest answer was, ‘I have no idea’.

Toon Carpentier
3 min readDec 11, 2018


I had a whole conversation about it, a couple of months ago with a friend on my podcast.

However over the last months my answer has changed to, ‘I think I am’.

Maybe being happy is just as simple as taking care of yourself.

I started actively focus on myself on a few years ago and my sabbatical was actually a result of this.

  • I only drink water
    Never smoked or did any drugs. Stopped drinking alcohol at 17 but I used to go hard on sodas. Until I watched That sugar film a couple of years ago and realised that sodas are poison.
    I believe that this easy habit change has the most positive impact on my health.
  • Try to eat healthier.
    With emphasis on 'try' and 'healthier'. Sometimes when we try to run before we can walk, we go down face first. I focus on the incremental changes I manage to make, not on those I still have to make. Learned to love my salades but still part of team #snacklife
  • Work on relationships.
    Invest in time in my relationships and ended some which weren’t healthy.
  • Do sports twice a week.
    There is no routine or goal. I just go swim or ride my bike a little faster than I need to get from A to B.
  • Social media & phone
    It is all about getting back in control of how you spend your attention. I already unfollowed everyone (I am sorry) a few years ago. Deleted Facebook from my phone, turned off all sounds and notifications on my phone.
  • Invest time in personal creative projects.
    When you are always focused on the business-side you sometimes forget that creativity is about self expression. I am working on a kids book and have concept for an EP. I don't let the fact that I am lousy creative stop me, I compensate it by collaborating with others.
    There is a chance I won't ever manage to finish these projects, which doesn't matter at all. It is all about the process, not the end result.
  • Cold turkey from Netflix and gaming.
    This is my most recent habit change, and a very impactful. My goal was to to shake of this feeling of restlessness, get to a place where I could focus on something for longer then 5 min. Video content is such a fully emerging & instant gratifying experience, that we underestimate the impact it has on us.
    To compensate, I switched to reading and intensifying learning the piano.

Finding time for yourself might look a big task in the everyday hustle, just take it one step and one habit at a time.

I still have ways to go, but my overal anxiety levels have decreased noticeable. Even manage to focus again and write things.

I am getting myself to a place of feeling content, which might be just what being happy is about.



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