A getaway that gets you ready for what’s next.

It is hard to make big leaps or meaningful changes, in our lives and career. We are so busy at all times, that we lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s why I took a year off to reset and reflect. And while I recommend it for everyone, it isn’t always an option. Inspired by my experience, I came up with UPnext : UPstate, a mini sabbatical that gives you a fresh perspective & a roadmap what to do next.

What's UP?

Get some fresh air and outside perspective.

Creating physical distance between you and the challenge is a great first step. Not only does it put you in a different mindset, it also removes you from the everyday hustle.

You don’t have to do it alone. An outside perspective can go a long way in helping you overcome obstacles you thought where insurmountable.

Be inspired. Not just by the people around you, but also by your environment. This is your chance to connect with nature and you focus on what really matters.

Go in with aspirations, go home with a clear vision and actionable steps.

Some impressions from getaways to Montenegro, North Carolina & Iceland.

Is This Right for You?

It is, if

You’re in control of your career, whether it is being an entrepreneur or a self-employed creative.

You’ve paid their dues, had some success and feel t are ready for that next step.

You’re at a pivotal moment in your career, and while you have a good sense of where you want to end up, you don’t immediately see how to get there.

You would like to be part of a small group of 3–4 people, a mix of creative talent and business-savvy minds.

A lot of the value in this trip lies in the relationships you’ll build. We carefully curate each group so that you get the best possible mix.

What Will the Days Look Like?

I will be there every day as your guide throughout this experience. We’ll dig deep into your past to uncover the foundation that you can build on for the future.

You’ll spend half the time fleshing out your vision through group sessions and individual assignments

We start off start on an abstract level, but towards the end of the trip it takes a practical turn. All this new inspiration and information will transform into goals and milestones for your action plan.

The rest of the time will be an opportunity to clear your head and process everything that happened in the sessions.

Most of the off-time will be spent in groups, from cooking together to going on adventures. Each location is chosen for its natural beauty and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore through road trips and hikes. It’s the perfect way to get to know each other on a different level.

Are you UP for it?

Fill out this survey and I will get back to your personally with tailored information.

Feel free to reach out to me directly, toon@tooncarpentier.com.

Talent Developer currently at a one year sabbatical - Pushing people to make the most of their talent. Contact : toon@tooncarpentier.com

Talent Developer currently at a one year sabbatical - Pushing people to make the most of their talent. Contact : toon@tooncarpentier.com