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this just went from a movie i definitely would see opening weekend to a movie i’ll rent. Nobody does less with more than Ron Howard.

How many of his movies have been far less exciting/thrilling/entertaining than they should’ve been? DaVinci Code was OK, not great. Ransom was overwrought actor showcase, not the Mel Gibson action-thriller we hoped for. Rush was very pretty, but also very boring . He tarted up the history for Beautiful Mind, but still made it weepy somehow. Even The Missing — a gritty Western with TLJ & Val Kilmer? Oh, no, it’s terribly boring and pointless.

Apollo 13 was the last (only?) movie that actually had me on the edge of my seat (a true feat, considering i knew the history).

I understand Howard’s last several movies flopped and he needs a big opening weekend more than most Oscar-winning directors, but this looks to be mediocre now. I would much rather have a crowd-pleasing pap-maker like Zemeckis behind the wheel on this one — he might at least give us something inventive.

Lord & Miller might “only” be comedy directors, but they’ve been inventive and creative. I’d much rather have an interesting failure than a drab success — we’ve already had that with TFA and Rogue One.

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