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tOOns MaG The World’s first online cartoon magazine. Cartoonists Voice tM Award

The World’s first online cartoon magazine.

Cartoonists Voice tM Award

tOOns MaG is the world’s first online cartoon magazine. tOOns MaG publishing in 5 different languages; English, Bengali, Arabic, Spanish and Hindi. More then 2000 cartoonist and writers are contributing in tOOns MaG. As an online cartoon magazine tOOns MaG has been founded by ARIFUR RAHMAN on 1st November 2009 in Bangladesh. From December 2010, tOOns MaG has been reorganized in Norway.


tOOns MaG believes in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Our mission is establish FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION all over the world through cartoons. And promotion of cartoons and cartoonists.


2015: Best of Online Activism Award in People’s Choice Category (for Bengali Version of tOOns MaG), Deutsche Welle, Germany

New Cartoon, Comic everyday, New Caricatures and Drawing Tutorial every week!

Join us from anywhere in the world, tOOns MaG is your!

Everyone reading, like and sharing with their friend!

Voice of a Cartoonist

What I like about Toons Mag is that it has freely accepted my freedom of expression. Through brainstorming cartoon ideas on drawing pages, it has brought me closer to cartoonists I never knew existed. To me, Toons Mag is a galaxy of cartoonists that share their thoughts. It has made me grow in terms of creativity. — SIMON NSAKA Cartoonist, Zambia

We believe in freedom of expression! Express your artworks and yourself!

tOOns MaG Languages & Projects:

  • tM English
  • tM Bengali
  • tM Hindi
  • tM Arabic
  • tM Spanish
  • tM Norwegian (Coming Soon)
  • Online Gallery
  • Online TV
  • Online Drawing tool
  • Contest & Exhibition
  • E-Magazine (Coming Soon)

How you can support tOOns MaG?

tOOns MaG is totally free & non profit online media. We publish tOOns MaG for you and folks like you, and it is only with your generous help and support that we can continue to promotion of cartoons and cartoonists. You can support us in a number of different ways. You can donate a small amount of money or share tOOns MaG link with your friends. However you choose to support tOOns MaG, we value your every contribution!

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