What is Citizen Journalism?

Citizen Journalism is a way of letting public citizens report, gather, collect and disseminate the news.

By using a digital platform — such as either a social media or a full-fledged participarty news site(Like Tooown or Medium) — the users can use their digital devices to upload and post their own news stories. Whether it is a story about a protest going on, a local event or something more personal, it is completely up to them.

By allowing the users to post from their digital devices, it gives the users a ubiquitous option to contribute and participate in the news on their own terms whenever they feel like it, which in return can give a more authentic and real look into what really happens.

So this way Citizen Journalism provides a different and alternative way to how the traditional news are — mostly big cooperations that can have a hidden agenda and professional journalists to write and decide the news.

Especially in a time where fake and biased news are on the uprise.

Citizen Journalism is though not protected against either fake or biased news, but this is where Tooown takes the Citizen Journalism idea a step further and hopes to bring this issue to rest.

Tooown takes Citizen Journalism one step further

Not only do Tooown let users post news stories, Toown also lets users control the news stories by letting them up and downvote the most useful and important stories.

The voting system is simple. The most upvoted of a specific filter(Fx “Today only”) will be at the top of the frontpage, and the most downvoted will be at the bottom. You can also target specific newschannels — much like hashtags — to avoid newschannels containing spam, or you can just read the overall newschannels “Worldwide” and “Near me” to get a view of everything that is going on.

When you post a news story, you tag it with a newschannels that have a geotag. Let’s say the newschannel “Brooklyn”. This newschannel have the geolocation of Brooklyn, so everyone in Brooklyn will see the news in their “Near me” news section.

But adding a voting-system to the Citizen Journalism idea, it adds a extra layer on top of how the users can participate in the news — by letting them control what is relevant and what is not. There is no action from us in what the users find important, and therefor no hidden agenda*.

Thanks for reading.

Visit us a www.tooown.com and be part of the movement.

*We do however not allow nudity, sexual, humiliating or any criminal content in any way.