Be aware about the causes of mouth ulcers and the mouth ulcer treatments for immediate relief.


It is quite common to find mouth ulcers at some stage of life for every individual. You might have encountered this irrespective of the ages. Even small kids face these sores in mouth which leads to mouth ulcers. It is important to identify the type of sores in order to decide about the mouth ulcer treatment.

Mouth sores types

There are 3 types of mouth ulcers they are

  • Minor ulcers
  • Major ulcers
  • Herpetiform ulcers

Minor ulcers: The sores looks small in size and it will become normal within few days. It is a minor type of mouth sores. You need not worry if you encounter with this type of mouth sores.

Major ulcers: In this type of ulcer the sores will be bigger in size and it penetrates deep in to the skin. This should be taken care immediately in order to get cure with in short period of time. This sore should be treated wisely and it might leave a scar in your mouth even after its complete cure.

Herpetiform ulcers: The sores will be in groups targeting a particular area in your mouth. It should given appropriate treatment for better cure. You should not delay to visit the hospital when you predict this type of sores. Early the prediction will lead to faster cure.

Causes for mouth ulcer

The exact causes of mouth ulcers are not predictable. Even a small damage in the tissue inside the mouth leads to sores. If the damage is less then it will be cured within few days without any mouth ulcer treatment. It will be cured in its own.

Even your food habits become the cause of mouth ulcers. If you consume acid contents foods and drinks like lemon juice, pineapples, figs, strawberries etc might lead to mouth ulcers due to the presence of citrus acids in it. The spicy foods also serve to be one of the causes of mouth ulcers.

Some of the pain killers might induce sores inside the mouth. The deficiency of vitamins can cause simple mouth ulcers. If you were suffering from long term diseases then you are at higher risks to develop mouth ulcers.

Mouth Ulcer Treatment

The mouth ulcer treatment targets in treating the pain and irritation of the sores inside the mouth. The dentists prescribe some ointments, mouth rinses to lessen the pain of the mouth sores. Apart from medical assistance you can avoid spicy foods and acidic food in order to heal your mouth ulcers as soon as possible.


It is a good practice to seek the advice of the dentist when you have spotted with the painful sores inside your mouth. The presence of those sores prevents the intake of food and fluids. It brings an adverse effect in your health conditions. So it is better to meet the dentists before the condition becomes worse. If the treatment is given at its early stage it will shorten the painful periods due to mouth sores

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