4 Myths About Window Tinting You Should Know

If you’re in Calgary and other places in Alberta, you might be wondering how to tint windows when cops can be after you with a violation ticket. We’re hoping that they would somehow be more lenient on these provisions, although you can still use factory tinted windows or on windows except the front two and the windshield.

Tinting car windows isn’t all about aesthetics or drama. It has serious benefits, too that are often overlooked by car owners. We have come up with the myths about window tinting Calgary residents need some debunking. Read on and enjoy.

Myth #1 It’s All About Appearance

False. Tinted windows are designed for purposes other than beautification. Sure your car will look more glammed up than ever, which is great. If you’re seeking to add more value to your vehicle in some ways or to spend your money on reasonable auto alterations, this could be one perfect way to do it.

However, there are still benefits you can derive from tint, such us protection against glare, sun rays, and upholstery damage. Window film Canada experts also tell us about how these 3m window film and other types can add privacy and protection to your vehicle. For your passengers, this could also mean more comfort and luxury in a ride.

Myth #2 Window Tinting Don’t Last

It depends on who’s your tint tech. Calgary drivers and car owners may be skeptical about auto glass tint. We understand, especially when there are people who attempt to do the tinting by themselves without the right tools or knowledge, or when people start opening shops without enough experience to back their training.

However, if you would go to authorized and reputable shops and technicians expert in this field, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding bubbles on your window film. Canada still has the best people, despite the strict tint laws.

Myth #3 Makes Your Windows Stronger

Hopefully. We can all wish for some boost for our Calgary windows at home and our car. Tinting does not directly make your auto glass stronger or sturdier. However, professionally installed films can prevent your windows from shattering into tiny bits and pieces when broken. It can hold them in one place, thus reducing injuries on the road.

This is a privacy feature you just couldn’t do without, ever. You give your car windows a tint, and you get as much protection as you could when thieves try to smash your glass and attempt to get whatever is inside.

Myth #4 Auto Glass Films Make Them Too Shady

It varies on your preference. Auto glass tint can be very flexible when it comes to its shade. Technology has made it feasible to have different colors to match the look you are aiming to achieve for your vehicle. If you’re concerned about your windows being too dark, some brilliant minds have created almost transparent films to protect yourself from sun damage without extensive tint.

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