Why You Need To Have LEDs To Give Your Home A Better Light

By now, we assume that most of Calgary homes now use LED lights, if not CFLs, for their lighting fixtures. Not only residential electricians believe in the power of light emitting diodes and its capacity to reduce energy consumptions. In fact, even traffic lights were retrofitted with LEDs to improve visibility and consume 80% less energy.

What’s In It With LEDs

Among the many reasons why people adore LED lights is that you’d get more items in the pros versus its cons, which includes beating incandescent lights in a few aspects of comparison. An electric LED bulb consumes approximately 20% of what standard incandescent bulbs use, and more lumens for each watt (that goes to show you can have more vivid and bright lights with less money going to electrical companies). Calgary residents and business owners alike appreciate how LED lights are available in different colors, which makes these light emitting diodes versatile and more appealing to the public and private sectors.

If you want a cost-efficient light bulb, then LED can help, says your favorite Calgary electrician. With an average lifespan of 25k-50k hours, you’re sure your bright lights would go a long way. Although it comes with a marginally higher price than an incandescent bulb, you can get your money’s worth by not replacing your light bulbs as often as you would with incandescence (1000 Hours Max). If you can’t afford the higher-end versions that would last 100k hours, it should be all right for now. After all, even if you would use your LED lights non-stop, which you don’t, you can enjoy their benefits for another five years. By then, we are hoping sturdier bulbs would cost less than what they do now.

Although energy-efficient, even CFLs can contain mercury that makes them a household hazardous waste at the end of their lifespan. LEDs do not contain any toxic materials that make them difficult to dispose of, which translates into a more convenient and eco-friendly disposal. This fact makes it more understandable why more and more electrical contractors Calgary residents and entrepreneurs hire (most of them are from Homestars) recommend the usage of LEDs even when CFLs prove to be somehow as energy-efficient, too.


Retrofitting your home with LEDs may reduce your costs over time. You may even request services from an electrician to update your wiring system and install fewer lights at home because light emitting diodes work better with distribution than most bulbs on the market today.

Because they are cooler than incandescent lights, homeowners can let go some of their worries about combustion or fire, without sacrificing the brightness. You may have electricians install recessed LED lights in your kitchen to help you with preparing dishes your family would love. They should also be effective come holiday season or those special nights where you need either clear or colored light bulbs to decorate an event hall, a tree house, etc. You’d get brighter, easier-to-install lights without cranking your energy bill for sure.

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