5 Landing Pages Guaranteed to Convert

For many small business and professionals creating and choosing an eye popping easy-to-use landing page seems like a daunting task undertake, but as daunting as it may seem, it is even more important. There are dozens of things to think about when creating your landing page, but when you nail the design your numbers will show the conversion taking place. Before you being the process, you should know there is no “absolute standard” or no step-by-step guide to a guaranteed conversion. Landing pages are just as unique as the variety of people looking at them. Below are the top 5 landing pages that will put you closer to a conversion than any of your competitors, and bring you closer to a sale.

Click-Through Landing Page

A click-through landing page is the most common type of landing page. Generally, it is very simple in the design and functionality for a landing page. The design and the intention of the page is as such that one click provides a little more information, or a summary, of the service or product which will entice users to discover more on the company’s website. It is a link from the marketing advertisement to the webpage.

Viral Landing Page

This type of landing page is created to generate curiosity about the company, product, and/or service by using videos, gifs, memes, quick little quizzes, and games with the intent of going viral. Viral advertising is a powerful marketing tool, and can promote unique, funny, and memorable content very quickly. The content may not be even directly related to the company, but if the content goes viral you are sure to generate tons of hits.

Lead Generating Landing Page

A lead generating landing page is the one of the best pages to secure prospects and potential customers. What makes this landing page most successful is by straight out asking customers to leave their contact information. This is a way to identify and directly contact potential customers which may prompt them to return to the website or take further action.


The difference between mircosites and the other landing pages is microsites have their own website created for and linked directly to a specific marketing campaign. These types of landing pages are most commonly used by companies who are planning a large marketing campaign, and are expecting an extremely large amount of inbound inquiries or data. The separate mircosite also helps avoid a cluttered looking and feeling website.

The Homepage

The homepage is the most basic of the landing pages. A link simply takes you to the company’s website homepage. It is great for internal website usage as it helps enhance the websites usability and it makes it easier for the user to locate content that is relevant to them.

The type of landing page that will be most beneficial to you depends on these three things; 1) your target audience, 2) the overall intent of the landing page, and 3) the industry you are in. The ultimate goal is to convert potential customers into repeat customers, and using the correct type of landing page that is best for your business will do just that.

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