6 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Acquire New Clients

Lead generation is a crucial step in the growth of a business. You have to determine how you are going to obtain leads and acquire new clients. Social media is a huge catalyst for this process, and each site brings to the table its own benefits and audiences. LinkedIn is a professional social media network where people are looking to better their careers, and grow their businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business to business owner, a professional service provider, or in a place in between LinkedIn can help can help to directly connect with possible leads, and help you save time on identifying those leads to follow. Here are six tips for using LinkedIn to aid in the acquisition of new clients.

Professional Profile

It is extremely important that your professional profile is in order before you attempt reaching out to potential clients, decision makers, and executives. You want your profile to be professional, client-focused, and search-optimized. This will help get you information in front of your intended audience, and be taken seriously as a professional.

Professional Headline

There are default professional headlines that LinkedIn provides, but to make your page standout don’t hesitate to customize your own professional headline. It should communicate what you do, as well as remain attention grabbing. Using keywords or jargon that potential clients may recognize will help lead your clients to your business.

Identify Prospects

There are millions of people on LinkedIn of all professions and positions. You have to narrow that search. Identify titles of people you are interested in connecting with like “Accountant,” “Vice President of Sales,” “HR Generalist”, and so forth, and then use LinkedIn’s search function to find those people. LinkedIn Groups also provides a pool of like minded people who could be potential clients.

Reach Out

On LinkedIn you have the ability to send your possible connections or new connections a message directly to them. When you are reaching out to potential clients, make sure you reach out to each one individually and send them a message that is personal to their business or position. Use what you have learned about the company during your research and customize your message to them.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is a great way to interact with potential clients in a professional yet relaxed online environment. Look at what groups your prospects have joined and you join the ones that are most pertinent to your target audience. Joining the group will help put you on the prospects radar.

Take Networking Offline

This is the crucial final step to acquiring your new client. Many people forget to do this with their new online professional relationship, but this is where you are going to close the deal. It is imperative that you take the time to meet your prospective client in person to show them the value you can bring to their business as well as another dimension of who you are professionally.

Following these tips will help you to acquire more clients through LinkedIn. Just remember consistency is key to closing the sale and obtaining a new client.

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