Domain Name Deal Of The Day — October 21, 2015

For “Today’s Domain Name Deal Of The Day,” we are offering the domain name “” an incredible and brand-able “design tool as a service” domain name for designers and color lovers. This includes graphic designers, web designers and print designers. Today, you can get this domain name for only $1,000. Offer is valid only on October 21,2015. To get the domain name, follow @top_names on Twitter and send a direct message (DM) indicating you want to get the domain name. Payments can be made via PayPal. First serious DM gets the domain name.

Color Wheel Exact Search Statistics
Exact searches for the search term [Color Wheel] occur 301,000 times per month (on average), according to Google.

Color Wheel Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click Rate:
Google Adwords reports average cost per click of $0.59 for the term [color wheel].

Color Wheel Competition
Competition for [Color Wheel] is 0.02 (very low) meaning that with the help of the right domain name, you can easily be atop of this niche.

Color Related Domain Name Sales
According to, was sold for $350,000.

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