Adsterra is a premium ad network currently serving 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression every month. They allow publishers from all verticals and assure 100% monetization of ad inventory.

Adsterra review ad network

Adsterra offers a variety of effective ad formats in popular sizes for web and mobile which includes Pushup, interstitial, popunders, sliders, display banners and direct links. Publishers can avail on-time payments bi-weekly via major payment systems, real-time statistics as well as a personal account manager. Additionally, they offer a 5% referral bonus.

Benefits for Advertisers:

  • CPM, CPC, CPA, CPO, CPI revenue models with high-quality traffic.
  • Target your audience by geo, language, browser, device, operating system and different keywords.
  • Retargeting: convert your visitors to customers by pop-under retargeting.
  • Easy to integrate, effective tracking and advanced optimization tools

Benefits for Publishers:

  • High CPM rates with 100% fill rates
  • Protection against malware and bad ads through fraud detection system.
  • Large pool of ad formats for web and mobile advertisements.
  • On-time payment guarantee with Net-15 payment system through bitcoin, wire, Paypal and other modes of payments.

Hope this Adsterra Review will be helpful for publishers and advertisers. In case you have already tried it before please share your experience in the comment section below.

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