Best Android apps of 2017

There are lots of apps in google play store but here we list the best android apps of 2017.

Best messenger apps for Android


WhatsApp, the universal chat application, has been installed on more than one billion cell phones. What’s more, it’s continually enhancing client experience, including new features and turning out to be more secure. What makes it number one? Everybody utilizes it, straightforward as that. On the off chance that you as of now utilize WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the world’s best messaging app

Best keyboard apps for Android


Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard apps for android. It is searching for an extremely uncommon virtual keyboard for Android will discover one here. SwiftKey works superbly with tablets, and in the event that you essentially need a decent Android keyboard, it offers instinctive operation, great spell check and word recognition.

Best Swiftkey Keyboard apps

Best antivirus apps for Android

Mobile Security & Antivirus from Avast

Mobile Security and Antivirus protects you from malware dangers with its fan excellent virus detection,Which can look through your browser history, microSD card, and inside storage room. Besides, utilizes hostile to robbery elements, for example, area following and remote information wipe, which work even if your gadget is not right now in your ownership.

Best Antivirus for android

Best apps for personalizing your Android

Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is Best apps for personalizing your Android — you can get things done on your cell phone or tablet without unlocking it. From checking warnings, timetable updates, music controls, missed calls, Quick Settings andmuch more, Next Lock Screen gives you a chance to take control of your locked phone.

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