Best Android Emulators 2016

Android emulator is use to run android applications games etc. Your Computer also there android emulators are use for creating and testing android applications. There are many android emulators are available on web to run android on your computer. many number of these android emulators slow down your pc and infrequently hangs up your Computer.

Best Android Emulators 2016


Leapdroid is a excellent option and one of the newer Android emulators out there. Like most, it uses a virtual machine to make an Android case on PC. However a tons amount of changes and advancements have made it one of the sleeker choices on the list. It runs easily, boots quickly, and it scores astonishingly well on gaming benchmarks. It also comes worked in root access, support for more than 98% of apps and games, and it has a genuinely dynamic advancement group.



AMIDuOS is first on our list and this is a relatively newer Android emulator for Computer. This one comes in two flavors: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. Aside from the version type, the only other difference between the two is Jelly Bean costs $10 while Lollipop costs $15 and those are one-time charges which is kind of nice. AMIDuOS runs very well. It’s a smooth emulator that does things like productivity and gaming quite well. Most users should be able to use this for pretty much whatever they need it for and the install process isn’t bad at all.

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Next on our list is an altogether free emulator called Andy. We reviewed this when it first turned out keeping in mind it had a few issues in back then, regardless it figured out how to substantiate itself as an able apps for applications like Bluestacks. It runs essentially the whole extent of the Android experience including efficiency applications, launchers, games, and you can even introduce root access if necessary. It has settled practically the greater part of its initial day issues however it is still a tiny bit more required of an installation than something like Bluestacks.

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Bluestacks has for quite some time been the accepted solution for putting Android on your PC. For some time, they fell behind however have spent a great part of the most recent year conveying genuinely necessary updates to their platform. The outcome, named Bluestacks 2, is a quicker, more steady, and a general preferred Android emulator for PC over its antecedent.

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