Best android lock screen apps

List of Best android lock screen apps:-

1. Hi Locker

Hi Locker

Hi Locker is the basic lock screen applications that looks really decent. It has 3 styles of lock screen: exemplary, Lollipop and iOS, and a different screen dedicated to your calendar, where you can quickly see up and coming events.It’s got a decent array of ways to customize it, too, including custom greetings, different fonts, and automatic wallpaper changes.

2. LokLok


LokLok is a fun idea, however your friends need to get included as well in the event that you need to receive the most in it. LokLok gives you a chance to draw on your lock screen and afterward send the attracting as a message to a friends who utilizes the same application. This message will then show up on their lock screen for them alter and send back to you, in the event that they wish.

LokLok is still in beta, and you can’t set up a PIN code with it just yet, which means it’s not an great lock screen application for security. But as a free, fun way to send messages, it’s definitely worth a shot.

3. Next News Lock Screen

Next News Lock Screen

Next News is a news feed conveyed direct to your lock screen, which you can customize to ensure you generally see the stories you think about. Select from a list of categories, for example, games or entertainment, and they will be shown on your lock screen for you to swipe through. Simply tap and hang on a story to open it up.

Like LokLok, Next News still in beta stage and isn’t without its bugs, yet it’s positively an interesting lock screen thought.

4. CM Locker

CM Locker

CM Locker has a slide-to-open capacity, à la iOS, and also control sparing feature that gets out player draining applications directly out of the lock screen. You can utilize a pin or example to open your gadget, and there’s a gatecrasher ready feature that will take a photo of anyone who unsuccessfully endeavors to open your telephone. It’s a simple screen locker that gives you a chance to control your music playback, view late messages and check the weather forecast and it comes profoundly recommended.

5. SlideLock Locker

SlideLock Locker

Is it accurate to say that you are an iPhone escapee who still feels somewhat nostalgic towards Apple’s slide-to-open lockscreen? Worry not, on the grounds that this awesome lock screen application will fill that slider-molded opening in your life. Using SlideLock, you can open your Android device by sliding from left to right along the base of the screen. You also get actionable notices simply like in Lollipop, which you can tap to go to them or swipe to reject them. Sliding from right to left takes you straight to the camera.

6. Semper

SlideLock Locker

The application in the past known as UnlockYourBrain transforms opening your phone into something entirely profitable. It utilizes the 80 or so times you open your phone each day to keep your brian ticking utilizing straightforward maths and vocabulary works out. Does this mean you can’t get to your phone on the off chance that you don’t know what 12 x 8 is, or what ‘el amigo’ means? No, fortunately UnlockYourBrain gives you a chance to skip inquiries and access your telephone at any rate, so no weight.

7. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is pretty much the undisputed champion of lock screen apps for right now. It features a minimal design with a darkened background and it shows you notifications on the lock screen.