Facebook Invests on filters app Masquerade to Converse Snapchat!!

Social media enormous site, Facebook has purchased a popular app Masquerade for a confidential sum that will allow users to put masks and amazing effects on their selfies and can easily share them on social networks with their known ones in chats or public posting home page.

The variant Face-swapped selfies have currently taken the world by storm, and they’re about to get even more famous. The move can heighten its competition with a Snapchat app which it tested to buy in 2013 for $3 billion, technology based website CNET reported this news.

The investment of the Belarus-based app will link to Facebook’s list of creative with an entirely new set of stickers, text on photos with finger doodles too.

Facebook said, “it is acquiring Masquerade is a startup founded last year that overlays silly and cartoonish images, like an Iron Man helmet or a gorilla face, on people’s faces as they shoot video.” A Facebook speaker said,” Masquerade had ‘world-class imaging technology for video.’”

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