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Style guide driven development offers a hugely flexible approach to modern web design. It is a practice that encourages the separation of UX, design & front-end from back-end concerns. This is achieved by developing the UI separately in a style guide. It allows teams to iterate fast on prototypes and designs without having to make changes to the back-end. With careful planning they should plug-and-play together nicely.

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through designing a UI (user interface) kit using Gravit Designer, whilst also explaining the decision-making that will keep our UI kit consistent and reusable.

The App, Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is…

No-one doubts that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers on the world stage. His skills and remarkable accomplishments over the years have motivated me in different ways, especially from the business perspective. I’ll love to share some of these lessons.

Establish your brand and let it reflect in all you do Your Brand Identity is important. Everything about the Ronaldo Brand (CR7) revolves around Confidence — confidence on and off the pitch — from his stance on the ball, to his jubilation when he scores (this is even reflected in his brand logo). You brand basically needs the…

It is the prayer of every good parent that their children lead better lives than they did. It is in this light that I write this piece.

A while back I was able to take some time off to see some TV series. A friend recommended “Fringe”. Fringe happens to be a great adventure that blew my mind and won’t fade off so easily. It showcased a lot of things I am so interested in, but won’t find in everyday books. Though fictional, it didn’t fail to open my mind to a lot of things I’ve imagined and dreamed of…

In the year 1931, a movie “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. The storyline is that of a kind doctor Dr. Jekyll who had always known about two kinds of personalities every person carries, the “good” and the “bad”. Dr. Jekyll developed a potion that unleashed the wild personality he carried inside him. The wild version of him was called Mr. Hyde. While Dr. Jekyll was good and kind mannered, Mr. Hyde was the exact opposite yet resident in Dr. Jekyll’s body.

In 2003, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was released, a movie that feature Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Whenever Dr…

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