Here’s the Key to Long Life According to Some of the World’s Oldest People.

Maybe this is a strange way to start this article, but I’ve never really cared if I lived a long life.

However, since I’ve started my wellness journey, I’ve realized that living a long life and a healthy life tend to go hand-in-hand. So, I see more value in living to be 100 than I did a few years ago.

I did some research and gathered the secrets to longevity from some of the world’s oldest people. Some of their advice is more questionable than others, but hey, I guess it’s working! Read on to learn how stars such as Betty White and Queen Elizabeth have lived to be over 90, as well as trade tricks from some of the oldest people on the GRG’s World Supercentenarian Rankings List.

Lucile Randon: 1904-present, age 117

Image source: Sachinettiyil

While Lucile may not be the oldest person in the world, she is the oldest person thus far to survive Coronavirus. The French nun expressed no fear for herself, only concern that the other residents of her retirement home would become infected.

Randon believes that her long life has been the intention of God. Her twin sister Lydie passed away as a baby, and Randon believes that God has wanted her to live out the years the Lydie missed out on, as well as her own.

You can read more about Lucile Randon here.

Queen Elizabeth II: 1926 — present, age 95

Image source: gettyimages

At 95 years old, the Beloved Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history…. And Britain is old!

Unlike Lucile Randon, Her Majesty has shared many secrets to long life, some of which are:

Drinking four alcoholic beverages daily, including strong ones.

Going for at least one walk a day. If you have a corgi with you, even better.

Eating the same few meals every day, many of which include fish and lean meats.

The Queen believes in indulging in small, occasional treats. Royal insiders report that she usually will take the smallest slice of cake, for example.

You can read more about Queen Elizabeth II here.

Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara: 1911–2017, age 105

Image source: Kyodo

Dr. Hinohara was one of Japan’s famous doctors. Remarkably, he continued to see patients up to months before he passed away.

Hinohara claimed that the secret to longevity was to have fun; he said this would ward off illness. He also stated that you should always carry your own bags and take the stairs. Essentially, what Hinohara suggested was to remain physically independent. Hinohara was also outspoken about avoiding gluttony.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Hinohara suggested that you should not always take medical advice, even though he was a doctor himself. He claimed that you should always try to heal yourself naturally before considering clinical and surgical options.

You can read more about Shigeaki Hinohara here and here.

Violet Brown, 1900–2017, age 117

Image source: Dwayne Watkins

While many of the individuals dominating the GRG’s World Supercentenarian Rankings List are of Caucasian or Japanese descent, Violet Brown was one of a few black title-holders on the list. She is the all-time record holder for Jamaica’s oldest person.

Known by her loved ones as “Aunt V,” Brown was the last known subject of the British Monarch Queen Victoria, who held the throne from 1837 to 1901.

Brown attributed her old age to avoiding pork, chicken, and rum. She also stated that eating cow’s feet and reading the Bible extended her years.

You can read about Queen Victoria here, and about Violet Brown here.

Betty White: 1922- 2021, age 99

Image source: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Betty White passed on December 31, 202. She was an iconic American actress, most famous for her role on the show Golden Girls. However, she remained a prevalent comedian and beloved public figure for her entire life.

White may not have been the oldest person in the world, but not many people live to 99. What was her secret? The actress claimed that her secret was avoiding “anything green,” eating hot dogs, and drinking vodka. Interesting!

You can read more about Betty white here.

Where are all the men, you ask? Interestingly, about 95% of supercentenarians are women. While there is no definite explanation for this occurrence, gerontologists have theorized that the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone may modify lifespan.

It is interesting to see some members of the geriatric population condone things that are generally considered to be unhealthy. Of course, nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice. I hope you found something in this article that inspired you to take care of yourself. Here’s to a long life!




I write to help you help yourself.

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Topaz V

I write to help you help yourself.

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