The Stream Queen Adventures

I spend a fair amount time at home working on my online project 107 and I am not the kind of person that can focus solely on one task at a time. I need as much stimuli as possible. I usually have Netflix, Amazon Prime or SlingTV playing in the background to create that coffee-shop style motivation. However, once you’ve combed through all the good stuff, you really get into that stage of withdrawal where there are no more good shows to watch. You start to ponder, should I press play on that film tittering on a 3-star rating? At the same time, you don’t want to give up a piece of your soul to a plot twist like tornado with sharks.

The internet for all its knowledge and endlessly world dominating cat videos has made it quite challenging to find shows and movies that intrigue me or that can satisfy my need to binge. Everyone and their nana has literally written the top-100 must-see on Netflix. I’m grateful but after a while its like copying from the smart kid at school; the answers all start to look the same. You know you have a real binge problem when you go through the 100 films (or shows) to watch on Netflix, and you are pushing 80% on the “watched already” or “not my style” box.

So for all those people who no longer know what to do after OITNB and House of Cards are over, I will be your guide. As I find new shows, I will do a quick summary of how it compares to other shows and movies. Feel free to send over your own suggestion. We are becoming a sharing economy after all.