I hold this truth to be self-evident, that all cheaters are illogical as fuck

First of let me start by saying that these are not the ramblings of a bitter man, tossed to the side by his once trustworthy girlfriend. Nor are they attempts by that man to portray himself as a morality freak. I just think cheating is an ill-thought-out, stressful and illogical response to whatever the hell is going on in your relationship bruh. I’ve chosen to express my thinking in a sort of list-paragraph format cause i thought it was easier to condense my thoughts that way.

Reason 1. Cheating creates stress. I assume that all people are endowed by their creator with a certain sense of decency and consideration for other peoples feelings. Using this assumption as a basis. I’m ignoring the people that cheat and don’t feel remorse. So for those of you who give a shit about your partner’s feelings. Cheating creates an atmosphere of anxiety that comes from the fear of getting caught. Why put yourself in a situation where you almost have a heart attack every time your girlfriend/boyfriend is going through your phone and you think they're going to find your DM’s to Le side chick or side guy. I mean do you enjoy the feeling of worry every time your partner beckons you with a suspiciously sounding “BAAAAAABBEEE?” only for them to tell you something irrelevant and/or silly. I mean isn't it just easier to strap yourself with a metal rod that sporadically administers and electric shock to your body when you least expect it?

Reason 2. Honesty is underrated. Too many people think that the solution to their failing relationship is to start a new relationship. This is a great idea but common sense dictates that you end your current relationship before starting a new one. I mean if your on a budget and you want to get a new car, SELL your current car first before you wind up in debt, homeless or worse a New York knicks fan (personal joke). But seriously, I’ve heard and seen people forgo the break-up convo and opt to just start dating someone else. when asked why, they reply with a dull “It’s not a big deal”, “don’t worry about her/him” or “the relationship is already over anyway”. NO!, NO! , NO! the person in question DOESN'T KNOW the relationship is over so like…… your just……. a dick. The worst is when people create a fake scenario whereby they see themselves as the victim and the person they're cheating with as the hero that’s come to save them from their relationship. Two things here:

2, if you ARE in a messed up relationship (ignoring abuse or fear for your life) whats wrong with trying to talk about it? plenty of times, the problem is just that people don’t try to reconcile their issues. See a therapist, see a Councillor or talk to each other. If the relationship cannot be salvaged then at least you can walk away guilt free (again, assuming that your not a douche bag).

Reason 3. It’s easier to be candid. In the 21st century there is literally tons of apps that are made available to anyone with a smartphone that facilitate hook-ups. The likes of Tinder, Grindr and social media in general have made it almost too easy to find people that catch your eye online. Its no secret that 15 years ago, trying to find the name of the girl that you saw at the hommies party was near impossible. It would take dedication, persistence and basically the blood of a virgin to track someone down for a date. Now a days its as easy as searching a name. The point i’m trying to make is that with all that technology has to offer that helps with getting you laid, wouldn't it just be easier to be upfront!!. Just stating explicitly what your intentions are would go a long way. By saying “i’m not looking for anything serious right now” your sending a clear message that you want to ‘FUCK’ and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the flip side, saying “I want something long term” says that your down with commitment and again makes sure that there are no misunderstandings that could lead to your 2014 range rover sport getting keyed. Its just common sense

I find the idea of cheating irrational and going against our self-interest. If you want to play then PLAY if you want to marry and count kids the DO SO. just be upfront in your dealings with the opposite sex and you’ll never have your clothes thrown out of a second floor window.

In the words of Aubrey Drake Graham “All I ever asked is keep it 8 more that 92 with me, one hundred!”