What Gets Your Email Noticed by a College Volleyball Coach?

College coaches receive hundreds and hundreds of emails every year from young volleyball athletes seeking opportunities to play at the next level. Which ones get noticed and how? Keep in mind college coaches are busy. If you want their attention, get to the point. Here are a few pointers on how to help get college coaches to take notice and help you get recruited.

1. Address the coach you are emailing by name. This not only catches their attention, but it also shows you took the time to look at their coaching staff to familiarize yourself with their program.

2. Provide your name, the name of your club, the city its in, the position you play, your height, jump touch, GPA, and any honor classes you have taken.

3. Open up your email with something positive about yourself that will sell you to the coach that is reading the email. Think of this sentence as the attention grabber. This sentence will either attract the coach to want to read the entire email or discard it.

4. Express why you are interested in the school, not just the volleyball program.

5. Provide references on who can speak about you as a player in a positive way. Make sure you give the name, email and phone number so the college coach can contact this reference if need be.

6. Attach a SHORT video demonstrating what you can do. Keep in mind college coaches are busy, and they want a short video that highlights what you can do so they can tell right away if you would be a good fit for their program.

7. Make sure to attach your competition schedule. If you are in contact with a coach and you know they are coming to your tournament, be sure to send them where and when you are playing so they can be sure to stop by your court.

8. Email and call the coaches! Keep in mind there are periods they cant contact you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contact them.

9. Get educated on what the coach is looking for on their roster. The more communication you have with the coaches the more information you will know which can be a huge help in getting recruited.

The more active you are with your communication with the coaches, the better your chances are for getting recruited. Be direct in your emails with the college coaches. Do your research on the school and the volleyball program before emailing the coach. Lastly, be sure to talk about the positives you have as a player, and student to attract the coach to take interest in you.

Remember this is your future! Getting recruited requires a lot of work on your end on and off the court!

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