Why we’re disabling comments on aljazeera.com
Al Jazeera English

Wait……. you’ve disabled it on your website, but is still open for debate on Facebook? That would imply that the Facebook user is different, aware of their tongue and does not articulate words in the same way?

If the sarcasm wasn’t prevalent, then for clarity I would say there is no difference given 50% of the world’s population are on Facebook. Or is there? For one, you cannot turn off commenting on Facebook, but no doubt you would too if given the option — right? But you have to be on Facebook in this day and age! Ah, we see the paradigm now. Don’t be cowards, figure this out. If social media has a better conversation, then look at why? Verifying users as real people and remove the alias nature of unpersonalised accounts is the route to bringing this back in my opinion.

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