Executing the Rosenbergs.

Last night a Green Party friend was over. I quipped that we were on the same HUAC lists. My conscious roommate assured me: “Nobody’s executing Rosenbergs right now.”

“Then what is everyone so mad about?” We cried for a moment. People are running around with their asses on fire in America, they might start actually protesting not only on Saturdays and Facebook. In Manny’s mind, it was funny because of the Russian nature of our present hysteria.

You are not DT, this country isn’t you. A plant doesn’t necessarily know it lives in a place called the United States. You are not property, this nation doesn’t own you. Throw that away. Own the country.

Insulting the president and politicians feels good. Insulting others feels good. Blocking people from insulting us feels good. Are you an insult comic or an insult artist? Careful with your time. Careful spending your time in gang fights. You only have a limited amount of true agency.

Are we so vain to imagine ourselves supreme? Isn’t being better than white supremacists kind of a low bar? How about being better than saying the word “marginalized?” How about staying active in your community? How about learning and educating?

IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE ANGRY AT HATE. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO INSULT YOUR FRINGE. That’s easy. It is EASY to watch late show material and SNL sketches for TV watchers. It is EASY to vote. It is HARD to vote every election (if you believe in the results.) It is HARD to be informed. Being informed means staying hip to the bell curve:

The moment certain stoics join the long term scenario

The greens and libertarians both want the big religions to quit fighting. For conservatives that means accepting people over profit. For liberals that means learning how to be role models. It’s like your parents struggling for control of the wheel while they are mad. You are the one looking at the road.

Nobody is good at politics alone. In America, we have a disagreement: Is the world changing and should we anticipate or respond when we are convinced?

Donald Trump is not where we all thought we would be today, he’s probably not where he thought he would be today, either. Are my friend and I going to be called before a congressional committee for corrupting the youth with green ideas? Who is to say. My friend was right, we aren’t EXECUTING Rosenbergs. I shouldn’t joke about that.

But we are looking for Rosenbergs. We are pointing fingers, and we still don’t trust Russia for some reason. It’s still US or THEM.

Like Dr. Brauner might say, it’s ALL US, ME and THEM and THEM. Perhaps we seem like petulant children this way. If someone insults your maturity, smile. If someone insults you, or your friends, smile. They won’t be smiling, but that’s ok. The first step to making them smile is smiling yourself.

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