Jesus was a Killer

In a dream Oprah gave my friends and I $500 apiece last night. Imaginary Candace asked her for more, she said “I’m just trying to make things better.”

Obviously real Oprah is still out there “You get a fur, you get a fur, etc. etc. etc.” These situations really do happen in our lives. Improbably, one day your needs get met, or some money appears, or an opportunity. Like Wayne Brady as Aaron Burr in the Chicago cast of Hamilton, we are willing to “Wait for It.”

We occupy ourselves more than anything else. We drive to clear our heads, disappear into politics and all forms of faith. Waiting for some greater gift because that’s how we got this far.

While you are waiting, GATHER. Gather information, gather feelings, gather all the best behaviors of those around you and practice them. You’re gonna need those manners. Become your own CIA. The last thing the CIA does is talk. Your people are like plants in a garden, water them and shade them, tell them you love them, and believe that they can produce fruit.

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Jesus was a killer. Fig tree don’t bear good fruit, especially out of season. You approach a person in rest or recovery and tell them they got no fruit coming, see what happens. You take away that spirit cause you saw them the wrong month. That’s your fault, not theirs. They were waiting, growing, like you.

Not all thoughts affect reality. Doubting others to their faces is corruption. Try to harmonize, make things better.

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