notes from a walk by the river at lunch

guy in park playing “here comes the sun”, weather has finally turned nice in boston, i say “pathetic fallacy”…

neary takes issue with the fallacy: what is causality, is it just co-occurence… al-ghazali’s occasionalism, will of god, what is god…

i “spontaneously” turn around in the crosswalk when i realize samantha’s meeting is going long and we have more time to walk by the river…. what it says about our nature that we can ever be “spontaneous”, whether viewed from inside or outside….

jaynes, dawn of self-consciousness, we interpret things that “come to mind” now as autonomy instead of as god voice… there was a sort of coup in mankind at that point… akin to mainframes vs pcs, ppl implementing their shared architecture according to habit and instinct instead of local reasoning along the edges….

recapitulation theory, ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, lets you take techniques back and forth between zoology and child psychology; we got a lot done together before language, as thin clients of our biology; recapitulation is the best onboarding…

non-biological natural selection, like in autocatalytic molecules, just chemistry… neary says all you need is compounding growth… there’s a type signature thing going on there, admitting the compounding, recursive, being able to take in and operate on the same thing you spit out… in capitalism, compounding returns lets the system select for that which maximizes compounding returns….

skyhooks & cranes…. bootstrapping is the key darwinian breakthrough, the secular genesis….

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