Thoughts from places: a moving train

As I gaze at the landscape of my home county, from a train speeding along rails at over nighty miles an hour; I’m compelled to consider the meaning of why I’m here. You may find this quite strange, as do I; but suppose that’s the way life works. You can have moments of reflection in the strangest places.

Another example of these strange occurrences came when I was eating pizza not two days ago, I thought to myself: ‘Christ, I’m going to die sometime.’

I’m also compelled to be in a state of over- observation, thanks to the stark fact I’ll be returning to sixth form in a week exactly, I’m excited; but somewhat terrified as to what will follow in the next year.

Failure? A broken heart? A breakdown? All these occurrences or as my elders call them: ‘life experiences’ are perfectly possible.

We’ll just have to see I suppose. Oh, must dash; it’s my stop.