Top ICO Rating — New Site to Rank ICO’s

Recently ICO has been a craze in the crypto world, but to recognize the best investment opportunities in this realm it has been pretty cumbersome effort.

We have developed a method and a strategy to identify the best ICO by using numbers and performance of the previous ICO’s.

Our site is

There are 19 parameters we use to determine the grade of an ICO.

We assign a value for each ICO between 1–100 and the best ICO will have 100% grade.

Ian Balina ( initially came up with these parameters, then we expanded the parameters to include few more important aspects to rank an ICO.

Here is the screen shot of our rankings.

We have three tier membership, monthly, yearly and two years. Please find the membership information on this page.

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We have dedicated full time researches who research ICO and grade them. We have two tiers of verification before we make a ICO public.

We contact ICO companies and get more insider details before we publish the ICO to our readers.

So our results will be very accurate and trustworthy.

For first 500 members we will offer one year membership free.

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