Top ICO listings and ICO trackers 2019

Is cryptocurrency a scam? Of course, you may think that way, but please, don’t be disappointed when see one million per bitcoin. If you read N. Taleb’s books, you could know, that the best investment is that one, where you have a chance to get limited losses and unlimited income. Then you may match all the facts and get awareness about the truth about crypto projects. Yes, you understood right. It is the best face of venture capital deals. Blue ocean market which the government fears. Though almost a year has past since downtrend began, ICO projects still give their multiple “X”. For example, Celer Network gain 360% for the 5 days. A huge number of ICO projects appear on the market every day and it’s hard to say, which of them are worth attention of crypto investors. There are a lot of websites, which try to track new projects. We found the best ICO trackers and top ICO listings so that everyone could find the next Ethereum, Nxt or Stellar. Here is the list:

They are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto asset investors who believe in the decentralization of power in society. Their aim is to make crypto asset investing transparent, easy to understand and available for everyone. ICO Dawn combines the qualitative and quantitative data with the wisdom of the crowd to better understand and evaluate crypto assets.

ICO Head is view on the constantly growing ICO world. They’ve created and are constantly updating three useful lists: Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs and Ended ICOs for everyone who is interested in ICOs and wants to stay current on the topic. The lists look like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done).

ICOgang is a platform that was established to provide its users reliable information about the best Initial Coin Offering projects and help ICOs attract more investors.

ICOLaurel is an independent research team of experienced analytics and IT specialists. They are permanently searching for worthy projects they would invest our own money to, and they do invest because we are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency the same as you. They post a new project analysis daily to keep you up-to-date. Each decision to select a particular project to post is collegial, so you are protected from a biased opinion.

ICOHunter is an independent agency employing a team of blockchain experts. They specialize in making the rating for ICO projects. On the basis of their full detailed analysis, we estimate ICO projects on their rating system.

The goal of agency is to gather all the essential information about these projects and provide investors with insight, helping them make the right choice and invest in the best project. All the risks (scam, activity, etc.) are standardized according to a universal standard. Select projects receive their full analysis, which their team of experts provides for the good of the investors.

ICObench is an ICO rating platform and a blockchain community supported by a wide range of experts that provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to the investors.

ICOmarks is an independent platform for the analysis and research of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). They have our own rating system that they use to compile a list of the most promising projects, a calendar of upcoming/ending ICOs, and a tool for tracking token stats that are already being traded. Every day dozens of new ICO projects are made public, and their mission is to provide investors with independent and transparent information about each ICO so that they can minimize their investment risks. The ICOmarks team is constantly working to improve the quality of its products, and they plan to create even more useful tools to analyze ICO projects.

ICORating is a rating agency that issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings. Investing in ICOs is a potentially hyper-profitable, yet high-risk industry. The market for ICOs is currently at the development stage and is not yet fully regulated, and there is no reliable set of criteria for the evaluation of projects; all of which creates potential pitfalls for investors. At ICORating they aim to develop clear assessment standards for projects and assign ratings based on a transparent and standardized scale. A profound and unbiased analysis of a project (the technical features of its platform, the business model, the team, strengths and weaknesses of the decentralized infrastructure, etc) allows them to objectively evaluate risks and create a complete picture of the project and its potential.

Staying informed about upcoming tokens is easy with their ICO calendar, which features information on a wide selection of upcoming and completed token sales. CoinCodex is not just designed for use with a personal computer, but is also optimized for mobile devices, so you can check out what’s going on with the cryptocurrency market anywhere, anytime.