Student Exchange Program at LPU

Studying overseas is more than a global exposure, it’s a personal education.Most students never have the opportunity to live in a different country for an entire school year. Students come back with enhanced knowledge, maturity, cultural understanding and lifetime friends from their host countries.Through an intercultural exchange, students learn more about themselves through the experiences they come across.

Lovely Professional University offers college students a unique opportunity to study abroad.Every year, LPU hosts international students from various foreign partner universities and also sends its own students to other countries for attending Student Exchange Programs. LPU boasts ofmore than 50 international tie-ups with top universities from across the globe. This year, 30 students from one of the top Universities in Canada, Mount Royal University, visited LPU Campus under this program and learnt about Indian culture &academic practices.

Sequent to PM Modi’s massive endeavors for making yoga a mass movement across continents, the guest-students were given key instructions about Yoga and health benefits related to it. In addition, students were given training for classical/folk dances including Kathak & Bhangra,Hindi and Punjabi languages,classic Indian games including Kho-Kho, Indian singing patterns, tips to cook Indian food and much more. They also visited an NGO in Jalandhar to realize and imbibe sympathetic vehemence in India.

Selected students from LPU will also visit Birmingham City University (BCU) in England soon under this program. Such an opportunity provides international exposure and experience to the participants by studying in a totally new environment. Moreover, students get a desiderated chance to gain in-demand skills. Under these programs students attend workshops correlated to their program, and visit the industries to experience work-culture there. Students also imbibe customs, culture and traditions of the country visited by enjoying fun-filled short trips and cultural programs. Such efforts help students to get well-versed to further emerge as truly global citizens.