Free and Paid Courses Offered On Udemy


There are more than 50,000 courses on Udemy that span across 145 plus topics/categories. These courses are created by top industry professionals. Currently there are around 20,000 instructors teaching 15 million learners.

Free and Paid Courses

There are two types of courses offered on Udemy, Paid and Free. Paid course are generally ranging from $10 to $200 with an average price $100. And, time to time Udemy runs promos where most of their courses are available for enrollment at 95% discount. You can get the updates about such offers by following this website: Udemy Deals & Promos

Lets talk about free courses now, Yes, there are 1000’s of free courses available on Udemy that you can take right away.

I have done some research and found a way to share all the free courses being offered by the instructors on Udemy. Below is the link you can go to and see all the free courses available.

URL: Free Udemy Courses

These might not be as good as the paid ones but let me assure you, these are the best to start! And, occasionally, some instructors make their premium courses free for enrollment for a short period to increase their student base. Always keep an eye.

I am enrolled in ethical hacking course created and instructed by Penny Garcia, its one of the top most Udemy courses, I got it for free :)

I am enrolled in this course for free

Final thoughts on Free To Paid Courses on Udemy

While free courses on Udemy are the best to start with but Paid courses are thorough and one can always look to enroll in them. I would recommend you to keep an eye on $10 sales on Udemy, they are as good as free. You get a course worth $200 for just $10, straight 95% off.

And, always check for free courses first, sometimes, a premium course is also on offer for free. Instructors do that often :)

I wish you all the very best for whatever you choose, hope you end up learning a new skill which will open up a new career dimension or opportunity for you.

Happy Learning