How to digest what you never expected to happen

Finally you saw what you never thought even in dreams just happened and you are in a complete shock. Has that ever happened to you? Don’t know about others but it happened to me and I am still not able to digest it!

I have been proven wrong for the first time

I don’t think I have ever been proven wrong in last 10 years but all of a sudden someone whom I trusted and had been helping out unconditionally betrayed me. I had never ever thought about this happening.

I am feeling pretty bad not able to concentrate on my work the way I used to. Trying to see some funny videos but not able to laugh. His betrayal is on my mind all the time.

My friend who is a Yogi has suggested me to do meditation for a week or so to make all these thoughts disappear. I will try to do that for sure. Meanwhile do let me know in comments section if you have been through such situation ever.

Your advice is needed

Please do share your advise so that I can get through this bad time. My work is getting hampered my family is worried to see me quite as I am very much a chilled out guy who’s always on the move, singing songs, dancing..

I decided to share my feelings here rather than sharing it with my family. I still don’t want to tell my family about all this.