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Blockchain adoption will have to be gradual — if everyday consumers see the benefit of Blockchain then they’ll slowly become amenable towards using it.


It’s hard to say how many freelance workers exist in the world today but some estimates suggest there’s roughly over 50 million in the US alone. In fact it’s predicted that by 2020 more than 50% of adult workers in the US will identify as freelancers.

Safe to say that freelancing is experiencing a rapid upsurge in popularity but the industry isn’t without its own set of problems. …

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Total 10M TLC tokens equivalent to 2,000,000$ are reserved for the Bounty Campaign.
15% Translations & Community management
20% Social Media {Facebook and Twitter equally}
20% Blog Article & Videos Campaign
30% Signature Campaign
2% Telegram Bounty
13% Facebook Admin (Bitcoin & ICO related Groups)

Translation & Community management Campaign:

Translation Instructions:

* Apply to join the campaign here:
* Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. *Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified.
* Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted.
* Participants must fill the form and accepted translator will get confirmation by PM.

We need active participation from translators in their local threads. Bounty will be deducted if thread became dead.

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In recent years, the way work gets done has begun to shift. Our future world is being built by an army of independent consultants and freelancers who allow businesses and employees to enjoy more freedom. Freelancers now make up more than 35% of the American workforce and are responsible for a significant amount of the U.S. GDP.

Blockchain is a unique technology, capable of decentralizing networks and allowing people to connect. This decentralization is likely to spur a wave of disruption through its ability to create distributed digital ledgers that act as transparent and living “records of transactions.”

These records are accessible by anyone within the system, and are verifiable by empirical data. With blockchains in place across a variety of industries and niches, we can eradicate many of the frictions that currently exist in financial and business markets. …

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It’s vital to know how and what to do to partake in the Toplancer token deal, so I chose to compose this article just to address that. In the article, you will discover basic Information about the token buy directions.

With a specific end goal to take an interest in the token sale, you should have ETH accessible in your wallet. In the event that you do not have the required ETH available, you can buy the required sum from Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

It’s important to note the following regarding the dates of the PreSale:
*Token Sale starts on the 5th of January 2018
*Token Sale ends on the 5th of February…

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What is Toplancer crowdsale smart contract and how it really works. Toplancer tokens.

How Toplancer Pre-ICO works

Our smart contracts are designed to handle presale distribution of Toplancer tokens (TLC). We call this presale: Preliminary ICO (Pre-ICO).

Please, check twice that you are totally understand major features before investing or interacting with these contracts:

  • Initial tokens price is 1 ETH = 3500 TLC tokens
  • Minimum contribution is 0.01 ETH
  • Contract will distribute TLC tokens immediately upon received ETH
  • There are bonuses with value that depends on time of investing (check the Toplancer website)
  • We have maximum goal of 3000 ETH. …

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Toplancer at a glance. Resources and intro. What is Toplancer and how it works. All in one place about the Project.



About Toplancer

TOPLANCER is the decentralized freelance platform powered by block chain, Which connecting clients and freelancers globally. Our three primary goal is create the best place to work & Attract the best clients and freelancers & Become the best service in the market.

Toplancer is aiming to solve the problems of current freelancing system. Join us to create the future of WORK.

How Toplancer Works

Directly connects Clients & Freelancers through the smart contract in Toplancer platform.

Client project payment done by local currency. Back-end decentralized exchange instantly converts the local currency into Toplancer…


Toplancer Community

Join us to change the future of WORK

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