Mekong River Cruises with the Jahan Cruise

As famous for the system of Mekong river cruises, Mekong River attracts travelers thanks to the vast fields, flourishing gardens with warm and pleasant weather all year round. And one of the best experience is travelling in Mekong with Jahan Cruise of Heritage Line.

The expedition with Jahan Cruise will take you closer to the local river life. While cruising the immense forests, you can contemplate the simplicity of the landscape as well as the life of the locals: the boats filled up with the fruits and vegetable, the houses floating on the water and the playing children running along the river banks, simply to smile and wave hand to greet you.

Specially, Jahan Cruise is is design sophisticatedly with the high-standard facilities which surely will give you a real leisure expedition holiday on the Mekong.

Additionally, you also can have your own choice on the private excursions, join-in group activities in one day, 2 days or few days as your desires.

Or if you prefer less-walking trip, the sun deck of Jahan Cruise with lounge and swimming pool is also a perfect choice for taking free time for sightseeing and taste some great drinks served onboard. From the sundeck with great view, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes surrounded by the fruit gardens taken care by the locals.

After a full day exploring, the restaurant onboard is willing to serve you with the best cuisines you can imagine. From international foods to traditional local dishes, you will find nowhere else a greater floating restaurant like this.