Quantum Attention Function Theory of Amit Ray — A Review

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I was going through the recent book of Amit Ray on “Quantum Attention Function.” Ray discusses the role of quantum attention function in the reduction of quantum waves and its applications in explaining the mysteries of quantum mechanics, particularly its uses in quantum machine learning.

Quantum Attention Function Theory of Amit Ray — A Review
Quantum Attention Function Theory

Dr. Amit Ray is known as the father of “Quantum Attention Function” theory. It is his unique contribution to quantum physics. His explanation of butterfly effect with his quantum attention function is path breaking. I am deeply influenced by the theory of “Quantum Attention Function” of Amit Ray. I reviewed the theory in the context of butterfly effect. He said:

“In Hilbert space, the classical states are just in one corner of the room, quantum attention functions are in the middle, and they are the matrix of cosmic functions that can collapse any other quantum wave function and transform the non-classical states into classical states in the Hilbert space.” — Amit Ray

Butterfly Effect Basics

The butterfly effect is that a small change at one place in a complex dynamic system can lead to large and unexpected consequences. Moreover, it is more commonly describe with complex nonlinear causal connections.

In modern science, the theory is used to explain complex phenomenon of physics, mathematics, engineering, as well as biology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, psychology, and cognitive science.

Butterfly Effects and Quantum Field Theory

Recently quantum butterfly effect has been becoming a hot spot of research which links the gauge/gravity duality to quantum many-body theory and quantum information theory. According to the quantum Field Theory (QFT), the propagation of the butterfly effect has some relation with quantum fluctuations in the initial conditions. Whereas the classical butterfly effect considers the effect of a small change in the position and/or velocity of an object in a given Hamiltonian system, the quantum butterfly effect considers the effect of a small change in the Hamiltonian system with a given initial position and velocity.

Butterfly Effects and Human Transformations

Sri Guru Amit Ray, reminds us that the reign of Heart grows each day by our often unnoticeable and seemingly inconsequential positive actions. Our every thought, word and action promotes transformation in the whole Universe, it is not limited to narrow individuals.

Butterfly Effects and Chaos Theory

In chaos theory, which mentioned that a small action in a complex system can be amplified and produce large effects somewhere else in the system. The butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

Butterfly Effects and Black Holes

Butterfly Effect is a manifestation of a chain reaction or a domino effect. Black holes emit thermal radiations. I liked Dr. Amit Ray’s explanations of thermal radiations with the “Quantum Attention Functions” and the Butterfly Effects. It includes the dynamics of quantum information and its chaotic properties of the black holes. The formulation of a Boltzmann-like equations with “Quantum Attention Function” for many-body chaos is fascinating.

Quantum Attention Function Basics

Ray’s point is that the quantum attention function can reduced a wave instantaneously to a tiny local region. In his theory, the wave function evolves naturally, without an observer, from a mix of states into a single, well-defined state. To do so, he introduced a matrix of extra non-linear mathematical terms as attention function, which rapidly promotes one state at the expense of others, and a stochastic term, which makes that happen at random.

In the book, Ray explained that his theory has a place in explaining the process of conscious mind linked to the physical processes of the brain. There is a link between Compassionate Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Attention Function.

Final Thoughts

Ray’s view on positive vibration, butterfly effect and quantum attention function has eternal values. Our mind normally tries to focus on the negative side of the coin called life. His teachings deeply focused on the connection of mind-body and Nature. His views on quantum butterfly effects and attention function is not limited to human behavior but much deeper. This novel theory tries to answer the original questions What is Life? and What was there before the birth of the Universe?




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