You voted for a Trump package deal that included whatever it is that you want plus the targeting of millions of Americans. Were I in a similar position I would not do that to you. I couldn’t.
The Real Class War
Carla Murphy

  • YES ! You “ DID DO THAT TO US “ Already VIA the Current “aholio” Living in “The PEOPLES House” who so OBVIOUSLY & Indelicately chose a Specific “Color” over a Diverse “PEOPLES” ( White Cop=BAD , Black Thug/(wannabe)Gang Banger=GOOD, Oddly & Uncharacteristically Silent if officers involved not so “Pasty”)), I’ve never been racist (& hope our new “Turd Elect” isn’t either) , NOR is EVERYONE who Voted “AGAINST” the Establishment/Hillary a Racist,misogynist,sexist Or Even (Horror of Horrors) a White Male. although Ironically it would seem, the majority of commenters, writers, bloggers etc whining about the results are, Hello ? making “BLANKET STATEMENTS” (especially if untrue &/or uncomplimentary) Regarding ANY persons Sex,Race,heritage,Socio-Economic standing Etc is “DISCRIMINATORY” (u know, BAD as in racist, sexist , yada yada yada(did that bit at the end distract you from the fact that I don’t know the “Scientific” term for a 'Man Hater” the opposite of misogynist) AND Just Plain Rude.
  • I Believe that most of those whose ballots Elected Trump (as mine did) chose to do the same thing I did for the same reason in order to NOT Get What we DID NOT Want, Our Votes were sacrificed FOR the greater Good. NOT, FOR the Lesser of the 2 Evils, the least dangerous BUT as a Fervent. “Heart Felt” “Vote AGAINST” A LOUD & CLEAR “EFF U” a Shout Out To the “ESTABLISHMENT” , “it’s Friggin Broke & u WON’T Fixit , EFF U then, Let’s see you fix this” to THE Criminal “CAREER POLITICIANS” even the “APPEARANCE” of “IMPROPRIETY” (especially from one with life long experience in the political arena, (one who definitely should have known better) ) should be sufficient cause to disqualify a contestant, let alone keep a “MAJOR” Party from Rabidly Supporting that individual , even to the point of sabotaging other “Members” in the same Party, something’s rotten in Denmark and All of Y’all are just trying to muddy the waters , assisting in the cover up . Supporting the “Status Quo”