Blogs Campaign Instructions

Your MUST have a Bitcointalk account to join this Campaign.


  1. You can post at most 3 articles for this campaign.
  2. The article needs to convey positively about TOP Network. There are several topics you can choose:
  • Why TOP Network is special in the current Blockchain industry?
  • What’s the advantages of TOP Network compare with other public chain?
  • Why the founding team of TOP Network is diffrernt from the others?
  1. You can write your article in your native language. If you do so, the quality of your article will be defined by our social media members.
  2. The article must have at least 500 words.
  3. Your article must contain the links to our website, Twitter, Telegram group.
  4. You have to mention your Bitcointalk Username at the end of your article.
  5. Plagiarism and multiple accounts are not tolerated.
  6. The quality of your article is judged by TOP Network.
  7. Your articles might be selected in the content competition in TOP Network community.
  8. You are required to send your report on Bitcointalk bounty page for blogs campaign. If you have more than one article to participate in blog campaign, please post only one report on this forum.

Basic Bounty

  • 20,000 points


  • Okay quality: 1
  • Good quality: 3
  • Great quality: 7

Total reward = basic bounty * multiplier

For example, if I post two articles about TOP Network, ones of them is evaluated as okay quality and the other one is evaluated as good quality,

total reward= 20000*1+20000*4=100,000 points

How to Join

  1. Go to TOP Network Telegram bot.
  2. Complete your profile in bot to get your UID in TOP Network Telegram bot.
  3. Post original articles about TOP Network on your blog.

4. Fill and submit your report in our Google Form (You can also find this link in the bot).

Instructions for other bounty campaigns

TOP Network Official Account

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TOP, the world's first decentralized open communication network powered by a high performance DAG-based blockchain platform. Website:

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