Facebook Campaign Instructions


  1. MUST follow, like, and share TOP Network official Facebook Page
  2. At least 10 friends in your Facebook account
  3. Only one account per person is allowed.
  4. Facebook friends count will not be updated after your first submit.
  5. You are not required to send your weekly report on Bitcointalk bounty page, but you can get 1000 points if you do so. (Only once for Facebook Campaign for one week)
  6. Your original posts must be written in your own words and related to TOP Network. You also have to tag @topnetworktop in your posts.

Basic bounty

  • 500 points per original post, 1500 points at most in a week.

For example, if I send 2 original posts, the total basic bounty is 500*2=1000 points


  • 10–200 friends:1
  • 201–500 friends:1.5
  • 501–1000 friends:2
  • 1001–3000 friends:3
  • 3001–4500 friends:4
  • 4501+ followers:5

If I have 265 friends in my own Twitter account, the multiplier of Twitter campaign is 1.5

Total reward = basic bounty * multiplier

In the example above:

total reward = 1000*1.5=1500 points

How to Join

  1. Go to TOP Network Telegram bot.
  2. Complete your profile in bot to get your UID in TOP Network Telegram bot.
  3. Send your original post about TOP Network

4. Fill and submit your quest in our Google Form (You can also find this link in the bot). You can copy the links to your tweets as the picture shows below.

Instructions for other bounty campaigns

TOP Network Official Account

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TOP, the world's first decentralized open communication network powered by a high performance DAG-based blockchain platform. Website: www.topnetwork.org

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