Black America: The Nature of Racism is Economics

For me it was a very eye opening moment listening to Dr. Claude Anderson for the very first time in a talk he held, on a date unknown to me. The talk was with a room filled with young minds listening to the words of an old wise veteran of the Black struggle for real equality. The title of the talk that introduced me to this master teacher was “Black America You’re In Deep Trouble” — and he laid out quite the compelling case too.

Why are black people in America in deep trouble?

Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to everything going on everywhere if you are asking yourself that question. Black people in America have not moved much in the area of Economic Progress. For many years the reason for the economic disparity was the Legal Oppression practiced in this country. Before that, there was Slavery. Today the popular view in America is that there are no longer roadblocks in the path for black people.

But is this popular point of view correct?

Just because an idea is popular that does not mean it’s correct. Many of us are familiar with the popular view that the Earth was flat, before Christopher Columbus sailed for the Americas. We’re all familiar with the popular view that the Sun revolved around the Earth; and several great minds were put to death by the Catholic Church for expressing the opposite of that view.

Please keep that in mind when you go along with popular views today — such as Racism is not as big of a deal now as it used to be. Try not to get swept into the conversation that everything is better now. It’s not better for most of Black America.

Enter Dr. Claude Anderson — speaking directly to this topic — the answer that so many black people are searching for lies in the arena of economics.

In fact that’s how Dr. Anderson sums it all up. He says, in this video “The Blueprint for Group Economics” — The Nature of Racism is Economics. I never really thought about it until he said that. So many indicators would prove this to be true. Slavery was hundreds of years of Free Labor which produced a nation with the most wealth in all of the world. Many of those who inherited that wealth have continued to work to maintain it.

This is why black America cannot wait for others to help them out — even if others should; the reality is, black people better learn to help each other.