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Mar 9, 2016 · 3 min read

It just made sense to include it - since Social media platforms are ‘such’ a part of the landscape now. What kind of marketer are you if you’re not getting in places where people are? Especially when it comes to those of us in network marketing. I’ve always taught it the way I learned it. We are networkers first and foremost. Marketing is what we do secondly. It’s in order, which is the opposite of chaos. I hope I’m already making sense.

Recently the ‘system’ that is as much a collaboration as it is a product of my own ‘vision’ of where my industry was headed, got a much needed update. Not that the previous ‘programs’ were necessarily ‘bad’ - they just were not ‘as appealing’ as what it was replaced with.

I’ve always been pretty upfront about just how much the programs really do not matter. Primary reason for this is because those programs May Change at any time. The companies may go out of business, eliminate their affiliate arm, or change the compensation plan in a way that negates it’s benefit to our team. Which is why the team, is what matters.

It’s all that matters.

Getting that across to the people I work with in this industry is difficult.

I won’t even lie about it. I totally get why people come to the table excited to have finally found what they’ve been searching for only to walk away, defeated. It’s a difficult message to bring to this marketplace. Not many want to hear it. All the evidence is in their faces and they still do not want to come to grips with it.

Old Habits really do die hard….

They always say that Change is not ‘easy’ but it’s inevitable. If it’s going to happen anyways, doesn’t it make sense to be on the right side of change?

Well, I look for people who think like me in that regard.

I also look for the people who can continue to believe in something, regardless of who else believes it with them. That’s what a leader does. Followers quit because other people don’t like what they’re selling.

Leaders sell what they’ve got to sell.

Like him or not, agree with him or not, Donald Trump is selling his ‘message’ - and he’s not worried about who is buying it and who isn’t. That actually is leadership there. Adolph Hitler was a leader as well. Because, as the great Dr. John C. Maxwell put it best, in his all time best seller On the topic of Leadership (The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership), Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

This means that people can be very bad leaders, taking their ‘followers’ in the wrong direction. It happens all the time.

This is why you must ask yourself today, what kind of Leader are you.

Are you even a leader at all? …. or are you just following?

I mean, at some level all of us (leaders) are following - but that begs the question What kind of leaders are YOU following? Where are they taking you?

Where are you taking others?

These are serious questions.

For a serious time - especially for all of us working in the network marketing industry. While the industry has gained more credibility over the last 5–7 years, there is still a massive dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over it. There are still more naysayers to ‘this way’ of making money, than people approving of it. Tons of people still believe these are all ‘scams’ - and it’s hard to argue against them when we look at the facts.

I’m not going to go into those facts right now - I just want to say that we have a lot of ‘leaders’ in this industry who are responsible for those numbers.

So you have to ask yourself what kind of Leader you will be.

Where are you leading people…. ?

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