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al king
al king
May 23, 2017 · 4 min read

As a network marketer my career began in 1999 with a company that I stayed with and grew, earned & learned in, until 2004. I stepped away from MLM to pursue ‘owning my own business’, which I’d say I ran successfully through 2009. During that time, I went even deeper into a field that I truly started tapping into as early as 1999 when I first got ‘in the game’.

You see, the internet has always been a playground for marketers. The very idea of being able to communicate with anyone, regardless of distance was a game changer. It’s one of the most overused terms today, but back then it had real meaning. Because before the internet the only avenues of marketing available were the traditional routes.

In fact, in 1999 network marketing was still seen as a pyramid scheme. Today the climate and attitude towards the industry isn’t so negative. (There was that one time John Oliver made a pyramid scheme segment on HBO but, TNG addressed all of that on the famous blog, “It’s All of It” — the NWM industry can only blame itself for allowing that to happen. With so much at our fingertips today, all ‘we’ have to do is have some ethics, and boy could we change the world!)

Back to our subject however — the ‘reason’ network marketing exists at all was because of those traditional avenues. They were ‘good ole boy networks’, that literally had the power to shut anyone out. Many of those networks are still doing that today, because the traditional avenues are still the King.

With the Internet, came internet marketing. Network marketers like me, in 1999 were ‘early adopters’ of techniques others weren’t yet teaching. Consider us, test tube babies if you will — what we’ve helped create is a reality that was fought against, openly, even up to as late as 2009 when I returned to the NWM industry.

It was Facebook that truly changed the conversation about marketing on the internet ‘for network marketers’. Internet marketers have always been ahead leading this charge. Using the internet to connect, share, and grow is an unstoppable train!

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After so many of the ‘old school heads’ saw the power of these platforms, they began to ‘use them more’. So many of my business mentors from my early days, held out and even spoke against using social networks. Several of them are ‘still’ just really starting to use the Facebook platform, which has been an undeniable way to connect with an ‘interested audience’.

That is, afterall what all marketers are seeking!

That being said, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that if you’re actually seeking that interested audience — today’s marketplace involves so MUCH more than ‘just’ Facebook. Check out what we said about how Facebook Is Dead for Network Marketers. Also be sure to watch a training video we put together as far back as 2010, where I advise you to always be marketing beyond Facebook. “Social Networking For Money” by Topnetworkersgroup

Change is constant.

Even the information in the video I just linked you to, has changed. Some of the social networks mentioned are no longer. The concept remains the same. You and I (as marketers) must be marketing beyond facebook. We have to be on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on MEDIUM!

The more the merrier — but we also must ‘own our own platforms’ as well. Starting a business online actually is pretty affordable. When I took my hiatus from NWM, I got into web design. I share that to say, if you need help — I’m qualified to advise you on what to do. It won’t be free, but it won’t be too expensive either. Besides, if you’re just getting started you have a long, long way to go. As usual, the old schoolers ‘did’ have some wisdom in their early protests. We want to be careful not to spend ‘too much time’ on any one platform.

Instead, we want to continue to branch out and reach others where they are, regardless of what ‘industry’ you are part of. Marketing, ultimately is an umbrella that has many different sub-industries within it. We’re all part of a big family, that includes those of us who are unable to participate in the traditional avenues. Yet, we’re still in the game. Our opportunity to stand out, comes from simply ‘being better’ than the alternatives. That’s a message I make sure to share on all the platforms, TNG is currently on — and especially on our own!

Thanks for stopping by.

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