The System is “Too Black”

I’ve known for several months now that my system is way “Too black” — in business several people generally like to steer clear of being ‘too black’. Black people in business are often afraid that if they are ‘too black’ they’ll ruin their chances of getting some of that ‘white money’. Often, white business people are afraid that anything ‘too black’ is racist, full of hate, and is aimed at toppling the white race!

It’s a risk to be Too black in business.

Even though several examples exist to teach people that pro-black is not anti-white, if people are not diving into those pools of education there is no way to inform them of this information.

Meanwhile, when you descend from a race of people who’ve been in survival mode for generations now, it’s difficult to explain that some traditions need to change. It’s a conversation that requires ‘some’ delicacy as several emotions are very much involved. With good reason too.

Every attempt the black race as made to ‘rise up’ has been stomped out by the dominant white society. That is, the people in power, within this society. Yes, we know, not all white people are racist. However, the white people who are racist, and are in a position to cause harm to members of the black race have been doing so, with impunity, for several decades now.

So what’s to stop them from striking again?

Oh, it’s tough to be ‘too black’ in business. It’s challenging because it’s exactly what black men and women in business need most! It’s what other ‘ethnic minority’ groups do. They’ve set up systems to ensure that their money pools together, grows together, and benefits the whole, not just the individual.

All of that being said there are still several psychological constraints which black people in business would need to overcome to work with a system that is as black as our system is. It is not so black as to suggest that non-blacks are unwelcome. In fact, all races of people are welcome to work with our team. We just won’t shy away from pointing out the truth, that most of the time, people of other races prefer Not to work with people of color.

You won’t need to bother confirming nor denying it.

We don’t really have time for the semantics anyways. Either you are going to Work with us or not. Regardless of what your ‘actual reasons’ may be. If you’re working with us though, you are working with us. You are promoting our website; you’re promoting our system; you’re promoting our training; you’re sharing videos from our Too Black, Black Folder.

Because you’re with us.

Unless of course, we’re just too black for you.

Black Wall Street — The Hidden Holocaust (full 2 hours)

Propaganda War on The Black Community

These are just Two videos from The Black folder which we encourage you to watch and share with others. Yes, we want to do business together but, we also want to make a social impact in the world we live in. We believe in abundance. There is more than enough for all of us but right now, our world system is run by people who preach lack mentality. The masses have been mislead and it’s going to take some real leaders to rise up and help people get back on track. We cannot do this while remaining ignorant of what has been done to the people of this earth. We cannot ignore the pain of some groups while pretending that all pain is equal. No, all suffering is not equal and not all of us have been through the same things. But we can right these wrongs if we educate one another. Then we will know which solutions will work for the problems that we face.

Either you’re with us — or you’re not.

Racially Insensitive Business Parnters

Working Together Is Key in Business

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