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The moment that I heard about Musk joining Illegitimate 45ths collection of surrogate bright minds with bigger bank accounts, my heart ached while I gasped for air. Never did I ever think that Musk would be so self serving, but shame on me. He’s human and at the end of the day he has million dollar businesses that he needs to keep afloat.

Illegitimate 45th’s rounding up of innovative and intellectually astute business men wasn’t really done in order to shape and massage policies that make the world look better. It was merely a council created to be the administration’s go to photo-op. Illegitimate 45th was no more concerned about taking cues from the tech world on how to make a better world than he was ever concerned about hiding the fact that the Muslim ban was in fact a ban even though Sean ‘Spicey’ repeatedly denied that it was while illegitimate 45th had and has gone on record for calling it a ban just as recent as this week.

Bottomline, Musk didn’t give a damn about any of the other Covfefe’s that illegitimate 45th made until it came to policy changes that were bad for him and his industry.

Musk should have pulled out sooner (I would so like to insert a joke here, but it’s not lady like).

I guess Musk’s bottomline hinged on the fact that it’s gonna be kind of hard to sell solar panels when the dark cloud of the 45th presidency follows him wherever he goes!

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