Blockchain in Digital Advertising Industry!

1)What problems can the blockchain solve for the digital advertising industry?

Three main problems in digital advertising blockchain can resolve:

  1. Ad fraud: Blockchain can solve the serious problem of online fraud in digital advertising by offering transparency and encryption.
  2. Trust: Blockchain provides protection for consumer data.
  3. Customer experience: Blockchain can improve customer experience by allowing marketers to reach their target audience much more easily by receiving customer profiles from the customer and not through third parties.

2)Why does the digital advertising industry need blockchain?

The blockchain is replacing the old digital advertising infrastructure, which is wrought with fraud, with a system that offers accountability and traceability. Blockchain creates a permanent and immutable record of transactions and enables publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads directly, without the need for third parties. It hands the power back to the consumer by offering users better control of their data while allowing advertisers to off them the option to share their information for an incentive. This can encourage more brand interaction and an overall more pleasant customer experience.

3)What are the top use cases for blockchain in digital advertising?

The top use cases for blockchain in digital advertising include:

  • Improved targeted advertising: Blockchain can help companies distinguish whether those viewing their ads are in fact their targeted audience or not, drastically cutting a business’ expenses on advertising. Consumers can choose to remain anonymous or to share their user data, with the advertisers able to provide incentives for doing so.
  • Advertising transparency: By eliminating third-party intermediaries, advertisers can reach out to publishers directly and transparently.

4)What are the top companies using blockchain to disrupt digital advertising?

Some of the top digital advertising companies using blockchain include: BitClave, MetaX, ARK Blockchain Advertising, VeChain, Whale, Steem, and Tallysticks.