Hi everyone.
Starlee Kine

I was listening to a random episode of Reply All that just happened to be the Britney episode of your podcast, Mystery Show. It was so exceptional that I gave up on Reply All and searched for your podcast to listen to instead, only to find that it had ended a couple of years ago, after just a handful of episodes. I was bummed, but I found your storytelling style to be so engaging that I immediately googled to find out if you were involved in another podcasting project. I ended up at this Medium article, feeling disturbed by how badly you were treated at Gimlet. WTF! Good luck finding another venue for your wonderful project. Have you talked to the guys at Crooked Media? They are growing quickly and may be interested in expanding beyond the political arena. I met Jon Favreau at an event, a while back, and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy!!

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