4th week’s assignment

  1. The primary source in the world today is Fossil Fuel and we are running out of it.
  2. The sector that uses most energy is Industrial sector. The primary source for electric in the world today is Fossil Fuels and also in Thailand as well.
  3. Peak oil is the end of cheap oil. It’s when the demand side for oil is far more than the supply and hald of the reserves oil underneath the earth is used.
  4. 1. Small countries will struggle to secure their own energy supplies.
    2. Small countries cannot afford for energy.
    3. Demand goes far more than what we actually have.
    4. We will soon run out of natural resources.
  5. The main net importers of oil in South East Asia are Singapore and Thailand. Thailand imports over 60 percent of its total petroleum needs. Thailand is highly dependent on global oil markets because the supplies do not match the demand.
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