Year in Review

This year, I purposely did not take on extra work and promised myself to enjoy what life has to offer. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

My wife taking a photo of Cassis from Cap Canaille, South of France

In 2014, I was in the verge of burning out. All those extra hours I put in my old job and the fact that some of my coworkers already left were taking a toll. Despite pending advancement in my career, I had to leave and told myself never to be in the same spot ever again.

Good people of Unbounce (that’s me in the middle)

It was tough to start all over again but that also meant I can take a better control of my life and make better decisions. I’m lucky that the new company I joined supports both professional and personal development. It’s rare nowadays to see companies care so much about their employees.

Inspite of all the opportunities to further enhance my design skills, I had to step back and focus more on personal development. That meant more time with family, friends and myself. I visit my parents almost every weekend. I joined a dragonboat team and met new friends. I traveled more with my wife and spent more time with her. I walked our dog more often and even met more people just because of that.

Chasing sunrise hike at Mt. Seymour

It’s those little things that made me realize life is not just about being too busy with work. Yes, I only have a few money in my savings but I’m definitely enjoying these moments. I’ve never been more healthy and happy. In the end, it’s not the money that counts but the moments spent with people.

Our dragonboat team winning gold in Steveston, BC

I don’t know what next year will be like but I’m glad I decided to take a break.

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